Midnight Oil's self-organising fan club


Powderworkers used to meet in one place only. Now the community meets in more than one place, as the times change and technical community platforms emerge.

If you are a community of Powderworkers thriving outside of these, you are welcome to mail the webadmin to ask to list your community here.


  • Facebook (public) | Powderworkers | 2016 - current | 5000 members

    This is the open public group with past "majordomo" era people, people who'd never been in PW but been Oils fans forever, and Oils newcomers. Notably this is an open group, so your posts are visible to the public.
  • Yahoo "take 2" (public, approve to join) | Powderworks | Email Subscription | Jan 2005 - current | 700 members

  • Facebook (private) | Powderworks | March 2017 - current | 370 members

    This is a closed group of mostly past "majordomo" era people in the same style as the Yahoo mail lists but in a Facebook way. Perhaps best thought of an intersection of the Yahoo list and Facebook. Notably, this is a closed group, so your privacy is kept inside the space.


  • Yahoo "take 1" | The Powderworks Archives as recorded on midnight-oil.info | Sept 2001 - Jan 2005 | 700? members

  • MajorDomo at Colorado Uni | ~1995 - Sept 2001 | 700? members

    Lost in time, but here's The Deadheart's explanation

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